RESCIF strives to anticipate and prepare for the new wave of emerging countries and emerging universities. In these establishments, RESCIF’sinitiatives will make it possible to train young engineers in the most advanced technologies and to conduct research that will be useful for the development of these countries.

The aim is to promote joint scientific programmes, particularly in the fields of water, nutrition and energy. These sectors are crucial, particularly for some countries of the South,subject to extremely challenging climate conditions and food security issues.

RESCIF will work in partnership with the Francophone University Agency (AUF) and will jointly draw up good practice guidelinesfor technology partnerships to be used by all universities in emerging countries belonging to la Francophonie.

In addition, all RESCIFmembers will join in a combined effort directed towards Haiti (to support institutional, scientific and educational reconstruction of the State University and the Quisqueya University of Port-au-Prince, which are also members of the network).

In short, RESCIF’s main objectives are to:

  • promote research that is useful for the development of emerging countries, notably in the fields of water, energy, nutrition and food security
  • encourage the training in cutting-edge technologies (in emerging institutions) of young researchers
  • implement an innovative system of cooperation – both targeted and sustainable – with technological universities in Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and the Middle East