RESCIF’s first two years have been spent setting up interactions between the universities involved in this initiative. To this end, the network has given precedence to research projects conducted by a team of two or three entities, the results of which will then be accessible to all network members and followed up by comprehensive training actions.

The work undertaken to develop the various RESCIF projects has sprung from numerous meetings and exchanges between member institutions. A key meeting held in Rabat brought together 35 researchers from 12 out of the 14 RESCIF universities to exchange on the topic of water.

While it is impossible to quantify accurately all the other relationships that have developed between RESCIF institutions, it is fair to say that as the network was being set up, most exchanges took place among researchers and project leaders. This does not mean that no exchanges took place among students, but that thesedid not necessarily relate directly to RESCIF.

Meetings to establish RESCIF activities based on projects selected by institutions have been as follows: