RESCIF meeting in Rabat

From 12 to 14 October 2011

The first meeting of RESCIF members took place from 12 to 14 October 2011 on the campus of the EcoleMohammadiad'Ingénieursin Rabat. The topic of water was chosen for this first gathering.

During the first two days of this event, RESCIF partners presented the progress made by their institution in this area. The third day was dedicated to discussions among participants in order to examine opportunities for collaboration, in line with common interests identified during the previous presentations.

First day, Wednesday 12 October 2011

Contributions from the Ecole Mohammadia d'Ingénieurs (Morocco) Contributions from the ParisTech (France)

Contribution from the State University of Port-au-Prince (Haiti)

Contribution from the Polytechnic School of Montreal (Canada)

Contributions from the Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique (ESP) in Dakar (Senegal)

Contributions from the Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium)

Second day, Thursday 13 October 2011

Contributions from the Université Saint-Joseph in Beirut (Lebanon)

Contributions from the University of Quisqueya (Haiti)

Contributions from the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (Switzerland)

Contributions from the Institut International d'Ingénierie en Eau et Environnement in Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso)

Contributions from the Polytechnic Institute in Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)

Contributions from the Institut Polytechnique de Grenoble (France)