Since April 2012, the globalised world of higher education and international mass media has been in turmoil following the sudden appearance of a new worldwide movement that arose in Ivy League universities: MOOCS or Massive Open Online Courses.

RESCIF intends to be part of this pioneering trend and ensure the active participation of the French-speaking community in what promises to be a real revolution.

The objectives of the project are as follows:

Establish an alliance between North and South institutions in the field of higher education, focused mainly on the MOOCS platform, to train key individuals in these countries – those who will make technological choices for Africa and future emerging countries in the next ten years – by ensuring they take full ownership of such technologies in order to answer and solve the problems they facelocally.

The challenges and opportunities of MOOCS are the following:

  • avoid the classic mismatch whereby the elite are trained in the best international universities, with no real relevance to local needs.
  • reach out to a wider audience that has no access to standard educational paths.
  • work with universities of the South to enhance theircapabilities as they take on a central role at the local level.

The proposal is to launch a large-scale partnership showcasing the rapid development, in Africa and future emerging countries, of MOOCS certified by the best universities both North and South, on a platform co-developed with companies and private mobile telephone operators. The end objective is to make optimal use of this platform to increase the efficiency of development actions, whether they are driven by official entities or private foundations.