CURES: Centre Universitaire de Recherche sur l’Energie pour la Santé

Initiative aimed at reinforcing primary health systems through a reliable power supply.


  • Medical equipment plays a fundamental role in primary health care.
  • In developing countries, more than 50% of medical equipment does not work, is not properly used or is not maintained (World Bank).
  • Up to 1/3 of medical equipment failures are caused by a faulty power supply network (World Health Organisation).


  • Set up a national (Cameroon) and international competence centre.
  • Analyse the problems of electrical instability in health centres and district hospitals.
  • Develop efficient, affordable and sustainable technological solutions, adapted to the context of developing countries.
  • Address the crucial issues of health systems in partnership with the EssentialMed foundation and with Cameroon’s Ministry of Health.
  • Disseminate both results and expertise, and ensure the transfer of technology by stimulating and supporting entrepreneurship in Cameroon and in neighbouring countries.


  • Set up a joint laboratory in Yaoundé: CURES. Implement research projects and international exchange programs.
  • Support a incubator that aims to stimulate and facilitate the creation of jobs intended to deploy the technologies thus developed.

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